9½-Fingers-Bassplayer Michael Eichele

I’m a musician and audio engineer based in germany near munich.

My main instrument is the bass.

I play electric bass and double bass and also guitar and keyboards.

During the last 20 years, I have played with many different groups. I have also participated as a musician and sound engineer in the recordings and arrangements of many CD recordings of various groups.

If you have any questions or comments, or are you interested in any of my works or services, please don’t hesitate and contact me.



08.11.2019. WHALE CITY. B72. Wien

08.11.2019. WHALE CITY. B72. Wien

15.11.2019. WHALE CITY. Strom. München

15.11.2019. WHALE CITY. Strom. München

27.11.2019. WHALE CITY. The Tube. Düsseldorf

27.11.2019. WHALE CITY. The Tube. Düsseldorf


Support us and order Album here: info@michael-eichele.de

Plusimpuls are:
Sebastian Schwarzenberger – guitar
Bernhard Pricha – drums
Michael Eichele – bass

Listen to “Puppetry”


Show Discography

2020 Whale City – Someone Elses Eyes
[Bassguitar, Keyboards, Guitar, BackingVocals]
2020 Tiny Sound – Where Are You
2020 Holger A. Jung – Christ Jesus Lay In Death Strong Bands ( Martin Luther )
2020 Holger A. Jung – To Jordan Came Our Lord ( Martin Luther )
2019 Whale City – There She Goes
[Bassguitar, Keyboards, BackingVocals]
2019 Whale City – Daylight
[Keyboards, BackingVocals]
2018 Whale City – Echo Of Joy
[Bassguitar, Keyboards, BackingVocals, Composition]
2018 Koshi – An und für mich
[Bassguitar, Doublebass]
2016 Room77 – Burning Blue
[Bassguitar, Keyboards, BackingVocals, Composition, Editing, Mixdown]
2016 Jakob David Rattinger – Gambe versus Geige
[Recording, Editing, Mixdown, Mastering]
2015 Jens & Friends – Camerado
2015 Young People Band – ABBA Musical
2014 C.S.T. and friends – On Tiptoe
[Bassguitar, Doublebass]
2013 Willi Mauch Musik – Stereoplay
[Doublebass, BackingVocals]
2012 Solly – Oak Tree Sessions
[Doublebass, Recording, Editing, Mixdown, Mastering]
2012 Grace & Taylor Inc.
[Doublebass, JazzGuitar]
2012 Byron and Band – Live in Village
[Recording, Editing, Mixdown]
2012 Jakob David Rattinger – Voyages-Reisen
[Recording, Editing, Mixdown, Mastering]
2011 Sebastian Schwarzenberger Band – Living For Tomorrow
[Bassguitar, BackingVocals]
2011 White – Unplugged
[Doublebass, Acousticbass, Mastering]
2010 Stefan Görgner, Joaquin Clerch – Folksongs
[Recording, Editing]
2009 C.S.T. – Statement
[Bassguitar, Doublebass]
2008 Die wilden Hühner und das Leben (Soundtrack)
2008 Plusimpuls
[Bassguitar, Composition, Recording, Editing, Mixdown, Production]
2008 Jakob David Rattinger – L ‘universe de Marin Marais
[Recording, Editing, Mixdown]
2008 Langer, Schmid, Messina – the BEAT goes on!
2006 Nick Woodland – The Current That Flows
2005 C.S.T. – Originality
[Bassguitar, Recording, Editing, Mixdown, Mastering]
2004 C.S.Q. – Live im Village
[Bassguitar, Mixdown, Mastering]
2004 Flow – Flowmotional
[Recording, Editing, Mixdown, Mastering]
2004 Kreizweis – Lebensgfühl
[Recording, Editing, Mixdown, Mastering]
2003 Hsieh Wan Lin & Southfunk
[Bassguitar, Doublebass, Guitars]

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